Institute of Hydraulic Engineering
and Water Resources Management
Anna Wilmink, M.Sc. RWTH

Scientific staff

Tel.: +49(0)241 80 25530
Fax.: +49(0)241 80 25750
Adr.: Mies-van-der-Rohe-Straße 17
52074 Aachen
Room: 106

Research areas

  • Ethohydraulics
  • Hydropower

Teaching activities

  • Supervision of student theses

Current research topics

  • OVeR - Study of the behavior of fishes in front of screening units of water-power plants.
  • Possibilities of the generation of hydropower while filling the remaining lake Inden

Diploma or Master Thesis

Wilmink, A. (2016): Evaluation methodology of ethohydraulic and hydraulic data, Masterthesis, RWTH Aachen University.