Institute of Hydraulic Engineering
and Water Resources Management
Hydraulic Engineering Design

Head of the research group: Dipl.-Ing. C. BrĂ¼ll

Hydraulic structures in and next to water serve different purposes. Within the framework of protective hydraulic engineering, it is essential to protect against the dangers and forces of water. Structures include, for instance, dams, flood control reservoirs, dikes, flood defence walls, shoreline stabilisation structures and river bottom ramps. Within the context of process water engineering, on the other hand, the water is used for various human purposes. Engineering structures that enable human water use include waterways, canals, their various structures, waste water supply and removal systems, irrigation systems and drinking water extraction systems as well as hydro power plants and pump storage stations.

The tasks of the hydraulic engineering design group include, for example, the flow dynamic optimisation of the different structures in and next to water as well as the structural optimisation within the context of stability studies. Both experimental and numerical studies are carried out at our institute for this purpose. Over the past few years, numerous research projects have been conducted at the institute in the area of hydraulic engineering design.

Current research topics

  • Model experiments in fluid dynamics for sill beams and rock ramps
  • Hydraulic optimisation of hydraulic engineering structures
  • Study of hydrodynamic phenomena in an underground storage tank