Institute of Hydraulic Engineering
and Water Resources Management

Head of the research group: Prof. Dr.-Ing. H. Schüttrumpf

Floods are a natural phenomenon. Due to human intervention in the natural hydrological cycle together with increased human settlement in regions close to water bodies, floods are increasingly becoming a social problem. Every year, several thousand deaths and damage to the tune of many billions of euros are recorded around the world as a result of hydrological events, such as flash floods, storm surges, river floods and landslides.

The development and implementation of methods and software related to the issue of flooding has been one of the major focuses of the work carried out by the institute for around 20 years. In this context, a broad spectrum of different issues must be covered: probabilistic methods for determining the failure probability of hydraulic engineering structures, hydrodynamic analyses for calculating flood propagation and methods for analysing the consequences of a flood and ultimately integrating the results within the risk analysis.

The current research at the institute is focused on the security of flood protection structures, such as dikes and mobile flood defence walls, as well as on understanding the failure mechanisms of flood protection structures and the consequences of failure.

Current research topics

  • Flood risk management for inland and coastal areas
  • Risk assessment of dike sections
  • Impact of climate change, land-use change, unrestricted sewer overflow and rainwater drainage on the aquatic environment