Institute of Hydraulic Engineering
and Water Resources Management

Head of the research group: Dr. R. M. Frings

The objective of the "Morphodynamics" research group is to improve our understanding of river systems on time scales ranging from seconds through to centuries. The main focus of the research is on the interaction between natural morphodynamics, ecology and human factors.

We are convinced that a sustainable anthropogenic development of river catchment areas is only possible when natural morphodynamics are promoted. Based on this vision, we offer river managers innovative and practical solutions for sediment-related problems.

Our research group comprises civil engineers, geologists, hydrologists, physical geographers and physicists. Our research methods include the use of field measurements and laboratory studies as well as computer simulations and theoretical analyses. In our basic research and practice-oriented research we work intensively together with national and foreign river authorities.

Current research topics

  • Sediment deposits in reservoirs
  • The riverbed as a habitat for organisms
  • Development of a software tool for analysing bed forms
  • Accuracy of sediment transport measuring techniques
  • Ecological impact of contaminated sediments
  • Risks of antibiotics in sediments

Boasting around fifteen years of experience, we are specialists in the morphodynamics of the Rhine. We are currently integrating the results collected so far in a comprehensive morphological analysis of the Rhine basin.