+++ Update on the breach of the Karkhovka Dam near Kherson

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On 06.06. the Kachowka dam in the south of Ukraine was destroyed. The simulation of the flood wave could now be validated with the help of the Sentinel-1 satellite data.


First validation of the simulated dam break flood wave possible

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One week after our simulation of the dam-burst-induced flood wave, we can now validate our model results with the satellite data of the Sentinel-1 from the event on 06.06.23. The results allow a first good assessment of the quality of the simulations. The results allow a first good assessment of the quality of the simulations carried out. Overall, there is good agreement between the simulated flood extents and the satellite images of the flooding processes. The Sentinel-1 AWS-IW-WHH (Radiometric Terrain Corrected) product was used for validation. The simulation and validation were carried out at the IWW of RWTH Aachen University by Dr.-Ing. Julian Hofmann and his team.



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After the blowing up of the Kakhovka dam near Kherson, the flood wave spreads unceasingly in the south of Ukraine.


Hydrodynamic simulation visualizes flood wave propagation

On 06.06.2023 occurred the blasting of the Kakhovka dam in Ukraine. An estimation of the propagation of the flood wave was carried out at the Chair and Institute of Hydraulic Engineering and Water Resources Management by Dr. Julian Hofmann with the support of his student assistants Adrian Holt and Paul Hassenjürgen. The simulation shows the hydrodynamic flow processes of the flood wave.

dam break simulation