Rescue dogs train at IWW

Rescue dog searches on a model Copyright: © Heibges

The IWW has a visit from the Johanniter rescue dog team Aachen-Düren-Heinsberg.

  Dog stands in laboratory Copyright: © Heibges

Training the animal rescuers

Water has a great influence on the weather - humidity, standing and flowing water affect where and how intensively a dog can detect scent. The Institute of Hydraulic Engineering and Water Management at RWTH Aachen University therefore made its test hall available for a training session of the Johanniter rescue dog squadron Aachen-Düren-Heinsberg. On the unfamiliar terrain, dogs and dog handlers were able to gain valuable experience, and the institute's staff were able to gain insights into the work of the rescue dog team, which can also be used in the event of a disaster.

  Dog look over flood protection wall Copyright: © Heibges