People in THW clothes work with a pump © IWW

Regular testing of the equipment and practising of hand movements are an important prerequisite for the smooth running of THW operations. The large pumps of the Aachen local group and their operation were therefore intensively tested in the IWW test hall on 07 October 2023.

  THW vehicles stand in front of a building © IWW

Testing pumps with a pumping capacity of up to 200 l/s requires a lot of water and a lot of space. The IWW's test hall offers ideal conditions for this, which is why we were happy to support the exercise run of the THW Aachen local group. The group of about 15 men thoroughly practised the assembly, installation, use and dismantling of a total of 5 large pumps, making use of the test facilities in the test hall. This gave everyone present the opportunity to practise using the machines so that they would be well prepared in the event of an emergency. The exercise was a complete success and we look forward to welcoming the members back next year.