Microplastics in the aquatic environment - Book published


Microplastics is currently an omnipresent topic in the media and is perceived as an environmental problem.



Kryss Waldschläger

Scientific staff


+49 241 80 25752


  Book Cover Copyright: Springer Fachmedien Wiesbaden GmbH

However, since a great deal of half-knowledge contributes to the formation of opinion, our research assistant Kryss Waldschläger has prepared and clearly presented the current state of research as part of Springer Vieweg's essentials-series. Starting with the basics of the definition of microplastics and the currently known sources, through previously proven concentrations in the aquatic environment to the sinks, the path of microplastics through the waters of this earth is described. Finally, the possible environmental risks that microplastics pose to ecosystems, aquatic organisms and humans are discussed. Many gaps in knowledge are pointed out, which are not presented in this way in the usually short articles in the mass media and will have to be closed in the future.

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