Information on the module "Excursion Water"


Information on the module "Excursion Water" in the B.Sc. Business Administration and Engineering:



Kryss Waldschläger

Scientific staff


+49 241 80 25752


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Unfortunately, no excursions of the IWW can take place in the summer semester 2020. Therefore, we offer a "Digital Excursion" for students of the B.Sc. Business Administration and Engineering: Civil Engineering who have chosen the module "Excursion Water". This way, students can complete the module and gain a deeper insight into a specific hydraulic engineering project.

The "Digital Excursion" can take place to one of the following hydraulic engineering objectives:

  • M.O.S.E. project: Flood protection of Venice
  • Ship lifts of the world: Henrichenburg, Krasnoyarsk and Falkirk Wheel
  • Maeslant storm surge barrier of Rotterdam
  • Morphodynamics of Mont-Saint-Michel
  • Waterway infrastucture in Germany
  • Flood protection of the Halligen
  • Port of Hamburg
  • BAW Karlsruhe
  • Flood protection Zurich
  • Etzelwerk: pumped storage hydropower station
  • Disaster management of the Technisches Hilfswerk (THW)
  • Flood protection Bremen
  • Water management of the Garzweiler opencast mine
  • Renovation work on the Ennepetalsperre
  • Flood protection of the city of Cologne

In consultation with Kryss Waldschläger, the students choose a topic and visit this hydraulic engineering project first via Google Earth - documentation via screenshots - and then research further information on the Internet. If necessary, contact can also be made with people involved or press offices. At the end, the students have to write a 10-15 page long report on their "digital excursion" and send it to Kryss Waldschläger via email.