New publication about urban flooding

Detection of floods Copyright: IWW

A new research paper on heavy rainfall and early warning systems was published this month from the Energy and Environment Research Group. The article "Risk-Based and Hydrodynamic Pluvial Flood Forecasts in Real Time " was published on July 02, 2020 in the journal Water in the special issue "Recent Advances and New Directions in Flood Forecasting, Modeling, and Mapping'".



Julian Hofmann

Scientific staff


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Urban Flooding due heavy rainfall events can occur almost anytime and anywhere and vary enormously due to urban environments representing a serious threat to civilians and infrastructure. Current forecasting and warning systems are largely based on measuring rainfall intensity, whereby, the real danger due to urban torrential floods is just as insufficiently considered as the vulnerability of the urban infrastructure. As a result there is currently a lack of effective early warning systems which provide rapid information on the urban flooding processes and initial estimates of the damage.

Our research is conducted at developing a risk-based early warning system that simulates and evaluates the heavy rain induced flooding processes in urban areas in real time. To overcome the issue of high computational times of hydrodynamic simulations, an agile pluvial flood alarm operator as well as a methodology for real-time optimization of hydro-numerical models has been developed and tested. The system enables the effective and distributed calculation of urban areas that are particularly affected by a potential heavy rainfall event. The results indicate promising application possibilities for operational warning systems worldwide.

Please find the publication here.