Book publication on the topic of macroplastics

Cover of published book Copyright: IWW

Macroplastics in the environment - this is the title of a book published by our colleague Simone Lechthaler on the analysis of terrestrial and aquatic areas.



Simone Lechthaler

Scientific staff


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The occurrence of microplastics in the environment is currently a very popular topic. In addition to microplastics, however, macroplastics also enter the environment and accumulate there, but this is only slowly becoming a focus of research.

At the IWW, the book 'Mikroplastik in der aquatischen Umwelt' has already been published by Springer in the series essentials. In addition to this and with regard to larger plastic waste, a book on macroplastics has now been published. The book deals with the sources as well as the input and transport paths and the subsequent accumulation in the environment and their consequences. Here you can find the Springer Link.