Teaching in summer semester 2022


Dear students,

For the first time since the beginning of the pandemic, lectures will be held in person. In view of the dynamic infection situation, the institute will fall back on the already proven hybrid form of teaching in the summer semester 2022.

What does that mean?

This means that the relevant lectures are held by the lecturers in the lecture hall, which is broadcast simultaneously via Zoom, so that you can participate in the lectures on site or online.

What are the requirements to attend a lecture in the lecture hall?

Although the wearing of masks, the observance of minimum distances and the compliance with the 3G rule are no longer mandatory since 03 April, the wearing of masks is requested when participating in presence. The goal in terms of solidarity among each other should continue to be the protection of vulnerable groups. Therefore, the Rectorate and AStA have agreed to launch a campaign at RWTH under the motto "Let's Keep Wearing Our Masks!". This calls on everyone to wear masks in the corridors, study rooms and lecture halls. This also applies to the lectures and exercises at the Institute of Hydraulic Engineering and Water Resources Management.

Due to the house rules, the regulation that persons with cold symptoms that have not been clarified by a doctor are not allowed to enter RWTH shall still apply.

What events take place and in what form?

Basically, the form of the lecture always depends on the current pandemic situation and the associated rules of the federal government, state and university. Currently, the events of the summer semester 22 take place as follows:



Flood Protection

In person

Flood Protection (GHK)


Hydraulic Engineering II


Institute Training Course

In person

Coastal Engineering


Risk Management

In person

Dams and Hydropower


Navigable Waterway Engineering II


Hydraulic Engineering Seminar

In person

Hydro Power


If you have any organizational questions about the courses offered, please feel free to contact us at teaching@iww.rwth-aachen.de