Teaching in winter semester 21/22


Dear students,

This winter semester 21/22, for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic, lectures may be held in presence again. In order to make it possible to follow the lectures live in the classroom or online via Zoom, we are now offering a number of our lectures in hybrid form.

What does that mean?

It means that the relevant lectures are held by the lecturers in the classroom, which is simultaneously transmitted via Zoom, so that you can participate in the lectures on site or online.

What requirements do I have to fulfil in order to attend a lecture in the classroom?

In order to attend a lecture in the classroom, you must fulfil the well-known 3G rule. You can find the current rules here. The fulfilment of the 3G status will be checked by our institute staff at the entrance of the classroom. In order to contribute to a smooth and fast admission, it is best to have your verification documents ready already.

Which lectures take place in which form?

Basically, the form of the lecture always depends on the current pandemic situation and the associated regulations of the federal government, the federal state government and the university. Currently, the lectures of the winter semester 21/22 take place as follows:

Veranstaltung Format
Hydromechanics I Hybrid
Hydromechanics III Hybrid
River Engineering Hybrid
Dams & Hydropower Hybrid
Hydrodynamic Simulation Hybrid
Waterways Engineering I Hybrid
Groundwater Management Digital
Sediment Transport & Morphodynamics Erste VL in Präsenz, alle weiteren digital
Experimental Hydraulic Research Erste VL digital, dann hybrid
Hydraulic Engineering Seminar

VL digital, Posterpräsentation in Präsenz

If you have any organisational questions about the courses offered, please contact us at .