New Publication on Sand Trapping Fences as Nature-based Solution for Coastal Protection


For the restoration and maintenance of beach and dune systems along the coast, knowledge of aeolian sediment transport and its interaction with coastal protection measures is required. As a nature-based solution, sand trapping fences can be an integral part of coastal protection measures initiating foredune development. There are few detailed studies on aeolian sediment transport rates on coastal dunes and the trapping efficiency of sand trapping fences available to date.

  Sand Trapping Fences as Nature-based Solution Copyright: © IWW Sand trapping fences on Langeoog

Within the research project ProDune, a review manuscript was published together with the project partner NLWKN. The results are published in the manuscript ‘Sand Trapping Fences as a Nature-Based Solution for Coastal Protection: An International Review with a Focus on Installations in Germany’. Click here to go directly to the publication.