World Water Day 2022 in Aachen


On 22 March, the World Water Day 2022 took place at the Stadtbad Aachen. There was a diverse programme with expert lectures, artist contributions, various films and installations.

World Water Day has been held on 22 March since 1993 and is organised by UN-Water. In 2022, the motto of World Water Day was "Groundwater - making the invisible visible". Each UN member state is invited to contribute its own programme to World Water Day. At the Aachen event, Professor Schüttrumpf, among others, gave a technical presentation on the topic of "Lessons from the 2021 floods".

The whole event is available here:

  World Water Day 2022 Aachen, Prof. H. Schüttrumpf Copyright: © A. Adami, Stadtbad Aachen World Water Day 2022 Aachen, Prof. H. Schüttrumpf


  • Ceremonial opening address - Lord Mayor Sibylle Keupen.
  • RWTH Institute of Hydraulic Engineering and Water Resources Management | Lessons from the Flood 2021, Prof. Holger Schüttrumpf
  • Artist's contribution of white heat and silver hammer | Jan Jacobs (Amsterdam)
  • Eifel-Rur Water Board | Lecture: The July Flood, Dr. Martin Kaleß
  • Film contribution: Waterworks | The fascinating colours of water, Anja Setzen | Frauenhofer Institute
  • Thermal Water Aachen for Heat Supply | Dr. Frank Strozyk FhG IEG (Aachen)
  • Artist's contribution | Strandgut, Emil Sorge
  • Installation | "Nature at the Drip" - Karl von Monschau
  • Engineers without Borders | Development of their Water Projects in Sierre Leone, Uganda and Cameroon, Frederic Klaas
  • Citizens' Ideas Meet Water | Written Pictures "Flowing", GIK Gisela Klaßen
  • Bottle graveyard instead of water pipe, Thomas Brenner
  • Acknowledgement - Moderation Ina-Marie Orawiec
  • Theatre K | Thoughts River in the Tub "Dumbing down" Anette Schmidt
  • Credits - World Water Day 2022 at Stadtbad Aachen