Three new DFG projects

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The IWW is researching again with the support of the DFG and there are three new exciting projects.

Wave-impact propagation

At particularly exposed locations in the dyke line, hard measures in the form of engineering structures are necessary to protect the dykes from erosion. The project Wave-impact propagation in porous coastal protection structures attempts to develop a systematic description of the spatial and temporal propagation of wave pressure surge in porous coastal protection structures and thus make the design of the structures more sustainable and reliable.


In the event of flooding, the overflow of dikes can lead to damage. In this context, the V-A-W-Flow project is researching the influence of vegetation characteristics on overtopping air-water flows. Nature-based solutions have gained greater importance in recent years as a potential alternative or supplement to hard engineering infrastructure. How such nature-based solutions behave hydraulically is now to be investigated in this project.


Especially in low-lying coastal areas, the risk of extreme wave events (e.g. tsunamis and storm surges) exists or is increasing due to climate change. The BB-WEnDis research project aims to contribute to the development of innovative protective measures against extreme wave events by placing buffer blocks as prominent structural elements along the coastline.