Conference Themes


In light of climate change and its impact on land and water, as well as the finite nature of natural resources, there will be a rethinking of how to deal with weather extremes and protect coastlines from natural hazards. At ICOE 2023, these core issues are adressed and reflected in the following topics:

Climate & Environment

Climate Change Impacts & Disaster Risk Reduction
Ecological Engineering & Management
Fisheries Engineering
Future Coasts
Marine Foundations and Reclamation
Nature Based solutions in Coastal and Marine Engineering
Ocean Renewable Energy
Offshore Aquaculture
Safety, Risk and Reliability
Solutions for Extreme Natural Hazards in the Coastal Zone

Data | Analysis | Simulation

Computations in Ocean and Petroleum Engineering
Earth Observation Applications, GIS and Satellite Imaging
Marine Surveys & Informatics
Ocean Resources for SIDS

Planning & Construction

Marine Engineering
Marine Spatial Planning
Offshore Structures and Deepwater Technology
Port, Harbour and Coastal Structures


AUVs, ROVs and Underwater Systems
Marine and Coastal Hydrodynamics
Marine Science & Technology
Marine Vehicles and Floating Systems
Ocean Optics & Acoustics
Petroleum Engineering & Technology