50th International Symposium on Hydraulic Engineering Aachen

  Flood on the Kaiserplatz in Aachen Copyright: Hofmann

50th IWASA

Topic: Heavy rainfall and flash floods in urban areas

Date: 9th till 10th January 2020

Location: Technology Centre Aachen


50th IWASA – Heavy Rainfall and Flash Floods in Urban Areas

The number of extreme weather events has increased significantly in recent years and climate models indicate a further intensification of this trend: While protective measures and methods of risk management for floods along rivers are well established, flooding due to heavy rainfall in urban and rural areas off rivers has so far been less well considered; existing measures from "classical" flood protection cannot be directly transferred here. While seasonal floods are to be expected on large rivers with a certain degree of predictability, the great risk of storms with heavy rainfall and subsequent flooding arises from their sudden and regionally unrestricted occurrence.

This 50th IWASA aimed to bring together representatives from research institutions, authorities and industry to strengthen the development of protective measures and risk management in this sector.

Resume of the event

In its 50th anniversary year, the International Symposium on Hydraulic Engineering again attracted a high number of participants to Aachen: More than 550 interested people from research and practice attended lectures on various aspects of heavy rain and flash floods. During the two-day symposium, which this year took place in cooperation with the 20th Heavy Rain Forum, extreme rainfall events of recent years were analyzed and risk management measures were presented. Possibilities were discussed how precipitation information could be collected efficiently and how extreme weather events could be modelled. The presentations were rounded off by contributions on mobile and structural flood protection measures. The participants were also provided with information on this topic by the 45 exhibiting engineering companies, associations and research institutes in the foyer of the Technology Centre.


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