51st virtual International Symposium on Hydraulic Engineering Aachen

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51st IWASA

Topic: Adaptation of water ressource management to climate change: challenges, possibilities and objectives

Date: 7th Januar 2021

Location: Online


51st vIWASA - Adaptation of water ressource management to the climate change: Challenges, possibilities and objectives

The effects of climate change are already visible these days. In the future, we expect the man-made climate change to increase even further resulting in great challenges for the management of water ressources. Flooding and heavy rainfall as well as droughts, low waters and decresing groung water levels are main objects of concern in this development. We already need to work on these challenges. The questions, what effects the climate change will have and how we can adapt water ressources management and its infrastructures sustainably to these effects, are getting more important every day. And it will be a task for the generations of water ressources managers to come. The 51st vIWASA will focus on the current state of knowledge concerning the climate change, on the questions how the climate will change in the next decades and especially how this will affect hydrology.

Due to the Corona pandemic, the 51st vIWASA will be held digitally as an online seminar.


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