Friends Association


The Friends association of the Institute of Hydraulic Engineering and Water Resources Management at RWTH Aachen is a non-profit-making, scientific organisation. Its mission is to support the Institute of Hydraulic Engineering and Water Resources Management (IWW) in fulfilling its wide range of teaching and research tasks. The association promotes the development of the next generation of highly-qualified engineers, supports research and development work and contributes financially towards colloquia, symposia, trips, lectures and field trips. It also provides financial assistance for the publication of scientific work.



The association seeks to promote contact amongst its members, giving them the opportunity to exchange information and opinions in order to broaden their knowledge and expertise in the area of hydraulic engineering and water resources management. Once a year in January, there is a general assembly of all members, following the International Symposium on Hydraulic Engineering Aachen (IWASA). The institute's current activities are among the topics presented during this meeting.


As a member of the Friends association, you are kept up to date in various ways with the latest findings from research and development as well as news from the IWW. In addition, you receive:

    Management board

    The management board, elected by the general assembly every four years, acts in an honorary capacity and, as of 1st October 2013, comprises the following members:

    • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Lothar Scheuer (chairman)
    • apl. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Forkel (vice-chairman)
    • Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Holger Schüttrumpf (executive director)


    Currently, the Friends association has 144 personal and 29 corporate members. You are welcome to join our Friends of the Institute association. Simply print out the membership application and send the completed form to the contact person specified above. 

    The membership fee is tax deductable and the annual fees are as follows:

    40 Euro for private members 55 Euro including IWASA conference proceedings
    5 Euro for student members
    130 Euro for corporate members with a headcount smaller than 100
    260 Euro for corporate members with a headcount above 100 but below 2,500
    450 Euro for corporate members with a headcount above 2,500