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At the beginning of January of each year, we host a two-day symposium that addresses current topics in hydraulic engineering and water resources management. Over the decades, this International Symposium on Hydraulic Engineering Aachen, short IWASA, has become a popular meeting and information point among experts. The symposium is targeted primarily at civil engineers from the fields of hydraulic engineering and water resources management, but is in principle open to anyone who is interested. The presentations are given by invited speakers. The topicality and relevance of the topics selected attract roughly 350 to 450 participants from Germany and abroad each year.

In the foyer, companies are given the opportunity to present themselves. This allows participants to gain a further insight into the current status of hydraulic engineering and water resources management that is not restricted to the topic of the symposium.

We look forward to welcoming you to the next IWASA. Participation will be free of charge as in the past years. The IWASA conference proceedings are published by Shaker-Verlag and can be downloaded for the last three years:

52. vIWASA - Hochwasser 2021: Erfahrungen und Konsequenzen (no proceedings)

51. vIWASA - Anpassung der Wasserwirtschaft an den Klimawandel (no proceedings)

50. IWASA 2020: Starkregen und Sturzfluten

49. IWASA 2019: Naturnahe Gewässerentwicklung

48. IWASA 2018: D³ –Deckwerke, Deiche und Dämme