Current Projects


Here you find an overview of current projects of the research groupe Energy and Environment.
Within the scope of the projects different methods are used including in-situ investigations, numerical simulations and physical experiments at the IWW laboratory.

  Flow chart of worksteps within the project Copyright: © IWW

EcoHydroOP - Ecological and economic optimization of hydro power plant operation.

  Project ISRV Copyright: © IWW

Project ISRV: Intelligent Heavy Rainfall-related Flood Risk Warning in the Transport sector

  Copyright: © IWW
  Collapsed flood protection wall Copyright: © IWW

UPSP - Cyclic processes in underground pumped storage power plants

  Collapsed flood protection wall Copyright: © IWW

INTEWAR - Innovative technologies for the control of water-related diseases

  Heavy rainfall at Aachen Kaiserplatz Copyright: © IWW

Heavy Rainfall Analysis Aachen - Analysis of flood risk due to heavy rainfall in the catchment area of the city of Aachen

  WKA Edersheim Copyright: © IWW

Further development and evaluation of technical measures for fish protection and downstream fish migration in the operation of hydro power plants - possibilities for fish-friendly plant operation.