Wave-impact propagation in porous coastal protection structures


Key data

Goal: Systematic description of the spatial and temporal propagation of the wave-impact in porous coastal structures

Method: Physical experiments

Duration: 08/2022 – 07/2025

Partners: 1


Description and goals

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The number of inhabitants of low-lying coastal areas and the economic values existing there are increasing rapidly worldwide. Simultaneously, the load on coastal protection structures continues to rise as a results of climate change. Therefore, coastal protection structures are required whose effectiveness, stability and cost effectiveness are also guaranteed against the background of climate change. At particularly exposed locations along the dyke line, rigid measures in form of engineering structures are required to protect the dykes from erosion. Because of the increased energy dissipation, porous coastal protection structures are often suitable. A decisive impact on these structures is the wave-impact load, which can lead to damage and even global failure of the porous structure.



Philipp Henkens

Scientific staff


+49 241 80 25752



The aim of this research project is to achieve a better understanding of the process of wave-impact loads on porous coastal protection structures. The investigations are carried out on a substitute model, which should enable the systematic description of the spatial and temporal propagation of the wave pressure impact on porous coastal protection structures, i.e. the propagation speed and height of the impact-pressures propagating through the porous medium as a function of the essential influencing parameters. By describing the pressures on individual elements of the porous medium, it should be possible to draw conclusions about mechanisms that lead to the displacement of individual elements or to the loss of the structural integrity of the medium.



This research project is funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) under the project number 495560870.