Numerical Simulations

  Numerical modelling with XBeach

The development and application of computer-based tools is a key element for working on issues related to hydraulic engineering and water resources management. We therefore use different commercial or publicly available programs at our institute for the mathematical modelling and numerical simulation of flow and material transport processes, such as Delft3D, SPH, Hec-Ras, FEFLOW, XBeach and OpenFOAM.


Besides using and enhancing existing programs, it is necessary, in particular in practice-oriented research work, to develop new computer-based tools, to test these and improve these while using them. Selected examples of custom-developments include:

  • ProMaIDeS is a computer-based, modular decision support system for the risk-based assessment of the existing flood protection and for the evaluation of flood mitigation measures at the basin level.
  • Rheno BT is a software for identifying dunes on the river beds and for calculating the sediment transport using echo soundings.

Examples from the Numerical Modelling at IWW


Modelling of storm surge induced dune erosion with XBeach


Modelling of tsunami-induced boulder transport with SPH