Coastal Engineering



Holger Schüttrumpf

Head of the institute


+49 241 80 25262


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Course description

This class provides students with a basic overview of planning processes in the field of coastal engineering. It highlights major differences to inland hydraulic engineering activities and, in doing so, builds on the technical background by covering important topics such as the linear wave theory, wave transformation, currents, tides and storm surges, planning and design of breakwaters and sea dikes.

Course content

  • linear wave theory
  • wave transformation
  • sea state
  • tides
  • storm surges
  • design water level
  • coastal currents
  • hydraulic loads on structures
  • design and construction of breakwaters and sea dikes

Learning Objectives

The course gives a basic overview of structures in the field of coastal engineering. Students expand their technical background by analyzing the significant differences between coastal engineering and inland hydraulic engineering activities.


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