Digital Summer Semester 2021 - All courses at the IWW take place!


Dear students,

Due to the current effects of the corona pandemic, the summer semester 2021 will be completely digital. For us at the IWW this means the following:

  • All lectures are either uploaded as recordings or take place live via zoom-meeting. The information can be found in the Moodle learning room of the respective lecture.
  • The exercises for the lectures are performed live via zoom. In addition, interaction takes place finally via PDF annotations in the Moodle learning room, where the corresponding information can also be found.
  • In addition, direct feedback is provided within the lectures to continuously improve the teaching.
  • Our seminars (UIW seminar paper, hydraulic engineering seminar) are also conducted digitally and take place.
  • This year's hydromechanical internship will be replaced by a term paper and therefore does not have to be cancelled.
  • As a replacement for the field trip and our other excursions, digital excursions can be conducted this year. Contact person for this is Mr. Wenjia Xu
  • Theses will also continue to be supervised and there will be no absences. Whenever a topic is suggested, the relevant employees can always be contacted or the student can apply for the work advertised. The examination of the final thesis in the context of a lecture is implemented digitally.
  • In special cases, in order to prevent delays in the course of studies in cases of hardship, examinations can also be carried out digitally on request.
  • Accessibility: Despite working mainly in the home office, all employees can be contacted by email, and telephone or video conferences can be arranged for consultation.

The experiences in digital teaching from the previous two semesters will be used by us to successfully realize the summer semester 2021 digitally and to continuously improve our online teaching.

If you have any questions regarding teaching, please contact our teaching coordinators Mr. Julian Hofmann and Mrs. Eva Vonden ().