FAQ about teaching at IWW


Dear students,

we collected the most frequently questions and answers about the teching and teaching coordination for you. These are displayes in the following. If your questions isn't answered through this or you need additional information please contact our .



How do I register mandatory supplementary, additional and free elective courses?

An instruction for the registration of mandatory supplementary, additional and free elective courses can be viewed here.

I have problems with the registration of exams due to a change of examination regulations.

If you have changed the examination regulations and therefore have problems registering for an exam or course, please contact our .

How can I get exams acknowledged from a semester abroad?

Please use the following form for the accreditation of courses from your semester abroad.

Please use the form to contact the responsible supervisor of the course.

Please also include the of the IWW in CC in your email.

How do I register my final thesis under "Covid-19-conditions"?

1. You have to print, fill in and sign the form.



2. The form is sent to the Central examination office from you. The central examination office fills in the form and send it to the of the IWW. 

3. You inform his supervisor about the form, supervisor sends you documents 1-8 (as the case may be enquire about the form at the ).

4. You fill in documents 1-5 in cooperation with your supervisor (online), scan the documents and send these to the  (supervisor in CC).

Who should I contact in case of problems with RTH-Online resp. the registration of exams?

In case of technical problems with the registration of courses or exams you con contact our , the   or the .

Please mention your student ID number and the course name.

How do I find topics for final theses?

You can find topics for final theses here on our homepage. Additionally, you can inform yourself about the research areas of our staff members and contact them if you are interested.