ICOE 2023


6th International Conference in Ocean Engineering

ICEO2023 Group photo Urheberrecht: © IWW

Coastal and Marine Engineering: Challenges and Trends

4. to 8. June 2023 | SuperC Meeting Center, RWTH Aachen University

ICOE 2023 focused on Coastal and Ocean Engineering: Challenges and Trends. In view of climatic change and its influence on land and water, and against the background of the finiteness of natural resources, there will be a rethinking in dealing with weather extremes and the protection of coasts against natural hazards. ICOE addressed those challenges and provided a forum for the discussion of future-oriented, technological and eco-friendly solutions.

ICOE 2023 provided an exciting platform for academics, engineers, policy makers and administrators: More than 60 attendees participated in the scientific program. In six keynote presentations and 43 delegate talks, the participants learned about new developments in coastal and offshore structures and engineering, marine vehicles and autonomous navigation, AI/deep learning and dicussed challenges of climate change.

Over the years, the IIT Madras has consolidated as an Institute of excellence in Technology and Research and has become the number one institute in the technological education in the country for the fifth time in a row and is currently recognized as an Institute of Eminence. The Department of Ocean Engineering has formulated and organized ICOE in 1996 (1st), 2001 (2nd), 2009 (3rd), 2018 (4th) and 2019 (5th). While the first four conferences were held at their own campus in Chennai, the fifth ICOE was organized in collaboration with the University of Mauritius. With this background, the sixth International Conference in Ocean Engineering 2023 (ICOE 2023) will be organized by the Department of Ocean Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Madras (IITM) and the Institute of Hydraulic Engineering and Water Resources Management (IWW), RWTH Aachen University.