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Our staff will gladly assist you in your requests. You may find contact information of our staff at IWW here.

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Positions at IWW

Two people are studying a construction plan Copyright: IWW

At IWW, we offer exciting trainings in technical and business areas every year.

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People in an audience Copyright: IWW

Every year at the start january, we host a two-day symposium on current topics of hydraulic engineering and water resources management.

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History of IWW

Physical modell in the laboratory Copyright: IWW

You may find information on the beginnings and the development of IWW here.

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Institutional library

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You may find extensive and current information on all our study and research topics in our institutional library.

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Test flumes in the hydraulic laboratory Copyright: IWW

Physical models are built and tested in our own institutional hydraulic laboratory.

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Friends Association

The friends association has the mission to support the IWW in fulfilling its numerous goals in teaching and research.

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Latest news

You may find the latest information on publications, events and other activities at and about IWW here.

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