Current Projects


Here you find an overview of current projects of the research groupe Coasts and Flood.

Within the scope of the projects different methods are used including in-situ investigations, numerical simulations and physical experiments at the IWW laboratory.

  Destroyed infrastructure after the retreat of the Inde River Copyright: © IWW

KAHR - Scientific Monitoring of the Reconstruction Processes after the Flood Disaster in Rhineland-Palatinate and North Rhine-Westphalia: Impulses for Resilience and Climate Adaptation

  Flood Übach-Palenberg Copyright: © IWW

HoWas2021 - Governance and communication in the event of the flood crisis in July 2021

  Kan basin and flash flood Copyright: © IWW

Clogging of geotetiles - Improvement of the functionality of geotextile filtration systems in hydraulic engineering in case of ochre clogging tendency

  Kan basin and flash flood Copyright: © IWW

HoWaMan - Sustainable Strategies and Technologies for Flood Risk Management in Arid and Semi-arid Areas

  InnKuba Tubes - Sketch Copyright: © topocare

InnKubaTubes - Innovative cubatures of dams and dikes using soil-filled geotextile tubes for improved flood protection.

  Panorama photo of sand trap fences on the East Frisian island Langeoog Copyright: © IWW

ProDune - Aeolian sediment transport processes for supporting active coastal protection.