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Within the research project EcoDike, the flow resistance and energy dissipation of several vegetated surfaces were investigated in hydraulic model tests and the results were published in a research article.



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New publication

Determination of the hydraulic loads that act upon dikes and dams during overflow requires the knowledge of the flow resistance. In this context, IWW performed overflow model tests on a 1 to 3 sloped chute covered with different test vegetations in cooperation with Stefan Felder from Water Research Laboratory of the University of New South Wales short UNSW in Sydney to investigate the flow patterns, air-water flow properties, energy dissipation and flow resistance. The joint research article „Flow Resistance and Energy Dissipation in Supercritical Air‐Water Flows Down Vegetated Chutes” was published in the international journal Water Resources Research in February 2020.

You can find the publication here.


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